Client Interview: Michael Dore - using HomeSpotter, a VA loan, and getting an offer rejected

This is our first ever client interview. Michael, a veteran, shares his experience as a buyer using a VA loan and during a pandemic.
Last updated on:
September 12, 2020

When we decided to create more content, one of our goals was to make sure we show both sides of the home-buying experience. David - being in the industry for 18 years as a mortgage broker and real estate agent - can definitely break down the industry knowledge and perspective as a professional... but what about from a buyer? How can we show the ins and outs of the buyer experience?

Our solution: Ask them directly! There's no better source than those who are either currently in the process or just went through with it, right? We lined up (and will continue to ask) a few of our clients to share their experience with us as buyers. In this blog post, you'll see our first ever interview done over a virtual meeting.

Michael is a fantastic guy who served his country. Thank you, Michael, for your service. We also thank you for allowing us to ask you questions and record the responses to share with the public. His full recorded interview can be seen below.

In case you want to listen only to certain topics, we also went ahead and broke down the video into shorter clips. We also pulled some quotes to give you a preview of our conversation. Let us know if you have any questions!

introduction: meet Michael

using the Homespotter app

David: "So you gave me a call, we chatted. I sent you an app, how'd you like that app?"

Michael: "I love it, Homespotter? So easy, I can message you right then and there. I think that was the best part. You're just connected with it... and it gives you that house that you want - right there when I message you.

"It seems to be so up-to-date too. It was just showing new ones and new ones especially - once we talk about the rejections in that same area, next day that you look a new one pops up. You know, and it shows it right there. So the app is amazing.

"I didn't actually know anything was out there because... everyone talks about, you know, I think it's MLS, right? Everyone talks about that. But that app is amazing, I recommend it to everybody."

how did it feel when your offer was rejected?; experience with the VA loan

David: "The two-unit you were looking at buying, they were both rented. No one's moving out... They have long-term leases... We got rejected. How did that feel?"

Michael: "You know the first time, I was okay about it. Because in my mind, I kept telling myself I was like, 'It's not gonna' be as easy as we all think.' You know..."

house-hunting in a pandemic

We hope content like this helps all who are looking to become homeowners. There are a few more videos coming (SIGN UP for our webinars!) and look forward to sharing those with all of you soon. Follow us on Instagram or Like our Facebook page for more consistent updates!

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