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We know that buying a house is stressful - whether you're a first-time buyer or on your 3rd property. Diamond Realty & Loan has 18+ years of experience in the industry and we understand everyone has their own unique situation.

Feel free to check out our shortlist of FAQs and topics that may help answer your initial questions. When you're ready, please fill out our contact form and we'll get started!

5/5 stars! The best there is out there! I would recommend them to everybody I know! Nothing but great service! They made it very easy for me to understand the whole process. Overall expert knowledge and the best help! I’m gonna be using them for all my purchases for future homes and investments!

- Michael D.
Here are some FAQs we received from current and previous clients about buying a home. In addition, we cover related topics in more depth too! Check out the links below:
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do I need an agent to buy a house?

We strongly recommend to have an agent represent you when buying a house. Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to you - we are bound by law to always have your needs as our priority during the entire process. You are welcome to move on and find another if you feel, at any point, your agent has other goals in mind.

In addition, real estate agents are required to go through training and get licensed. We are specialized and have years of experience (we have 18+ years) to help you make the best out of your next home.

And… did we mention that this is a free service to you as a buyer? It’s common practice that the seller pays for the agents’ (the buyer’s and seller’s agents) fees.

Watch our interview with a client who bought with us: Client Interview: Michael Dore - using HomeSpotter, a VA loan, and getting an offer rejected

am I ready to buy a house/home?

Buying a home is a HUGE decision! Take the time to address your finances (credit score, always important!) and discuss it with those who are involved/affected. You’re always welcome to contact us – we can set up a meeting to help you figure out if you’re ready. If you’re looking for a resource (to learn more about the home-buying process at your own pace), we’ve made a webinar series about that as well.

I think I’m ready... can we discuss my unique situation first, before signing you as my agent?

Yes, of course! Please feel free to contact us first if you have any questions – either fill out our form here or call us at (909)376-8399. Consultations are always free. We can go over your numbers, make a plan, and move together towards your dream of owning a home.

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Buying a house is stressful, especially if you're a first-time buyer. Our goal: to help you understand the buying process and prepare you for the life-changing journey of becoming a homeowner. Learn every step of the process, plus other related topics, in our this free buyer's guide. We also listed a few resources in there that you can start using today - click the button below to get your download started!

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watch our home-buying webinar series

This is a 10-part video series we recorded to help ease the home-buying process. We had clients and guests join in on a few of our episodes; they shared their experiences and expertise in their own fields. Click on the video to get started - and visit our YouTube channel to see the rest!

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